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Native Texas Boutique is the manufacturer of Nekid Stiks and a reseller of Texas made handicrafts. Native Texas Boutique specializes in hand crafted items made in Texas by Texans.

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NekidStiksLostMaples-med.jpgNekid Stiks™

Nekid Stiks™ are lightweight, sturdy hiking sticks handcrafted from the flower stalks of native Texas sotol plants and are uniquely finished to reveal their natural beauty.

The sotol plant was widely used by Native Americans. One of the many uses of the flower stalk was as a walking stick.

Your Nekid Stik™ will become a natural companion during your treks into nature just as it was for the Native Americans.

Purchase your Nekid Stik™ and get outdoors to enjoy all the wonderful creations of nature. Please be kind to all that you encounter.

Nekid Stiks™ come in three sizes:

  • Tall - over 4.5 feet long...$30
  • Medium - 4 to 4.5 feet...$25
  • Short - less than 4 feet...$15


You can purchase Nekid Stiks™ at the following location:

For special orders or dealer inquiries please contact us.

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